Tải xuống Windows 11 Pro Ultra Lite v21H2 build 22000.675 by FBConan

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Tải xuống Windows 11 Pro Ultra Lite v21H2 build 22000.675 by FBConan

Tải xuống Windows 11 Classic Edition – Windows 11 Pro Ultra Lite v21H2 build 22000.675 by FBConan là bản dựng Windows 11 build 22000.675 cập nhật mới nhất tháng 5/2022, bản dựng được tùy biến tối ưu hóa cho máy cấu hình thấp.

⇝ Designed to Breathe New Life Into Your PC ⇜

 Multi Edition ISO
As little as 2.1 GB Installed Size!
Selective LZX Compress During Setup!
Extreme Performance for your Apps and Games!
Bypasses TPM, Secure Boot, RAM, CPU, and Storage Checks!
Bypasses Microsoft’s Forced Account Creation during Setup / Installation!

An Instant Classic!

Q: What is ‘Windows 11 Classic Edition’

A: It is a highly modified Windows 11 OS, designed to represent a simpler time, a reflection of decades ago, before UWP Apps, MS Store, Bi Monthly Updates, diagnostics, reporting, telemetry, driver stores and much more were a part Windows OS. (most similar to my Ultra Lite, or ‘barebones’ Windows Mods)

This Custom Windows 11 Build was Designed for People who don’t want:

  • MS Account Sign In (including services)
  • Updates (including services)
  • MS Store (including services)
  • Clutter
  • Bloat
  • Diagnostics
  • Reporting
  • Telemetry
  • Generic Outdated Network Adapter Drivers
  • Automatic Driver Downloads
  • Update Services
  • Xbox Services

– That being said – This build is Intended, and Recommended for Advanced Users!

But has also removed:

  • MS Account Services
  • Update Services
  • Store Services
  • Xbox Services
  • Network Adapter Drivers (LAN AND WLAN)
  • all UWP Apps (Including Defender and MS Store)
  • and Language Services (because language services are dependent on Update Services!)

 Build Notes:

  • Because I removed ALL UWP Apps from this build, I recreated the ‘Windows Accessories’ Start Menu Folder, By installing classic versions of Notepad, Calculator, and MS Paint. The Windows Classic Photo Viewer is set as the default viewer for .jpg, .bmp, and .png files.
  • HOWEVER! I decided to install the new UWP Notepad App from the Windows 11 22H2 Insider Preview Builds. After running this build without a Notepad App installed, I realized it was going to cause issues.
  • Even though I wanted NO UWP Apps pre installed, I settled for one, but at the very least, It’s an App you normally can’t get in Windows 11 21H2, which makes it a very cool mod IMO.
  • *Correction – I decided to add 2 UWP Apps to this build, as I realized Paint is also really important for a lot of people, so I decided to also install the brand new Windows 11 22H2 Insider Preview Paint App in this Build as well.

 More Info: (Please Read Carefully)

Q: Can I Update This Build?
A: NO!

Q: Can I Print?
A: YES!, but the print spooler service is disabled by default.
To Install a Printer Driver, and Print, you have to Enable it First.
To Enable it, Go to Start Menu, Tools, and click ‘Print Spooler On’

Q: Does this include .NET Framework 3.5
A: YES!, it is pre-installed in this build.

Q: Does this include MS Store
A: NO! And you can’t add it either! Use another build if you want it!

Q: Does this build support UWP Apps?
A: YES! I left full support for UWP Apps in this build!
You can install UWP Apps without the MS Store! How? Well now.. that is a story for another day..

Q: Does this include Network Adapter Drivers?
A: NO! Please make sure you have yours downloaded, and ready to install before you install this build on your PC.

Q: Can I install a language pack in this build?
A: NO! All Windows update and store services are removed, which also means no additional language pack support!
But I have left all regional keyboards installed! You can change the keyboard layout to meet your locale needs!

Q: Does this have Virtual Memory (A Paging File) Enabled by Default?
A: NO! But for most users, I highly recommend you set one! It will help prevent your Apps from Crashing.
To enable Virtual Memory, Go to the Extras Folder – Enable Virtual Memory, and run ‘Virtual Memory Enabler.exe’

The rest is up to you!
Test in a VM to see if this build will suit your needs!

 Installation Instructions:

  • Use Rufus ONLY to write the ISO to a USB Drive.
  • Boot from the USB Drive, and Perform a Clean Installation to your desired partition.
  • Requires 2GB RAM, and 5 GB Storage Space.
  • Your PC Will Restart once, shortly after installation.


  • I highly recommend you download and install DX9 and VC++ Runtimes, you can download them HERE
  • To replace all default Windows Fonts (as some are removed in this build) Which will fix missing characters for some languages, Download and install the fonts provided HERE
  • For AMD Ryzen Powered PC’s , please download the latest Chipset Drivers found at the bottom of my thread HERE
  • If you have any issues Installing this Build on your PC, Please Read Part 6 of my Tutorial, on how to fix those issues HERE
  • System Transparency is Disabled by Default, to Enable it, go to Task Manager, Startup Tab, and change clear.exe from disabled, to enabled.


– Activation –
Use the KMS38 Method Only, with the included activator to activate this build!
I installed this build in a VM and in a laptop, both had no issues activating with the KMS38 method!

Tải xuống Windows 11 Pro Ultra Lite v21H2 build 22000.675 by FBConan

Tổng dung lượng file ISO là 1.3GB


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