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Windows 11 Pro v 22H2 build 22623.730 Pre-Activated (No TPM Required)

Windows 11 Pro v 22H2 build 22623.730 Pre-Activated (No TPM Required)

Tải xuống Windows 11 Pro v 22H2 build 22623.730 Pre-Activated (No TPM Required) là bản dựng Windows 11 Beta Build 22623.730 (KB5017385) được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 9/2022, bản dựng không tuỳ biến ngoại trừ đã loại bỏ TPM và kích hoạt sẵn.

Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22623.730 Pre-activated
General Information
Type……………..: OS
Platform………….: Windows 11 Pro x64
Image Format………: .iso
Burn Tested……….: Yes
Post Information
Posted by…………: Kirk
Posted on…………: 09/29/2022
Source used:
Release Date from MS: September 29, 2022
Pre-activated at oobe pass

Image format: ESD
assembly untouched original

(Use Rufus USB-too Included in torrent to make UEFI-bootable)
Activator on Desktop if needed

UFWS v1.4
circumvents all Win 11 minimum requirements (CPU-RAM-Disksize-TPM-Secureboot)

Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.730 and Build 22623.730 (KB5017385) to the Beta Channel.

Build 22623.730 = New features rolling out.
Build 22621.730 = New features off by default.

KB5018863 Enablement Package for Windows 11 22H2 build

Insiders who were previously on Build 22622 will automatically get moved to Build 22623 via an enablement package. The enablement package artificially increments the build number for the update with new features getting rolled out and turned on to make it easier to differentiate from devices with the update with features off by default. This approach is being used for the Beta Channel only and is not indicative of any changes or plans for final feature rollouts.

As a reminder, Insiders who landed in the group with new features turned off by default (Build 22621.xxxx) can check for updates and choose to install the update that will have features rolling out (Build

What’s new in Build 22623.730

Windows 11 Beta Build 22623.730 (KB5017385) bản cập nhật thủ công

Tablet-optimized taskbar
We’re re-introducing the touch-optimized taskbar that’s designed to make you feel more confident and comfortable using your device as a tablet. Your taskbar will automatically transition to this optimized version when you disconnect or fold back the keyboard on your 2-in-1 device. This feature only works on devices that can be used as tablets. It does not work on laptops or desktop PCs.

As a reminder, there are two states of this taskbar: collapsed and expanded. In the collapsed state, the taskbar gets out your way, gives you more screen space, and prevents you from accidentally invoking the taskbar when you’re holding your tablet. In the expanded state, the taskbar is optimized to be easier to use with touch. You can easily switch between the two states by swiping up and down on the bottom of your device.


Download Windows 11 Pro v22H2 build 22623.730 Pre-Activated (No TPM Required)

Tổng dung lượng file ISO là 3.7GB





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