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Precious OS – Windows 10 LTSC build 19044.4046 by TeamOS

by Hoài Minh
Precious OS - Windows 10 LTSC build 19044.4046 by TeamOS

Precious OS – Windows 10 LTSC build 19044.4046 by TeamOS

Tải xuống Precious OS – Windows 10 LTSC build 19044.4046 by TeamOS là bản dựng Windows 10 LTSC được tùy biến giao diện và tối ưu hóa cho nhu cầu chơi game hoặc máy cấu hình thấp.

Version: Windows 10 LTSC
OS build: 19044.4046
Arch: x64
Compression: esd
Language: English Language (during installation)
File Size: 3.4GB

Treatment: Windows are activated

This build is made by @PasMater and me…………
Its made for every day use, first test it in a VM and if you like it install it in a live PC

Wallpaper Engine is added, you can install it or skip the installation, the choise is up to you.
Adjust it as you like, you can always right click at the bottom and exit the program.

💎Removed features💎​
Most of windows bloatware apps
ActiveX Installer Service
Agent Activation Runtime
Assigned Access Lock app
AllJoyn Router Service
Assigned Access
BranchCache Client
Cache and temp files
Content Delivery Manager
Device Experience
Device Lockdown (Embedded Experience)
Embedded Mode
File Server Resource Manager
Folder Redirection
Input Method Editor (IME)
Internet Explorer
Kernel Debugging
Location Service
Manual Setup
Messaging Service
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge DevTools Client
Microsoft Sync Framework
Microsoft family features
MultiPoint Connector
Natural Authentication
Retail Demo Content
Skype ORTC
System Reset for Windows
Steps Recorder
Telemetry Client
Wallet Service
Windows Help content
Windows Recovery (WinRE)
Work Folders Client
WMP Network Sharing Service
Automatic Maintenance, Error Reporting, BitLocker, UAC, Ads, Superfetch, Smart screen,
Notifications, Hibernation, Power Throttling, Widgets and much more……….
💎Build Informations💎​
Only clean installation with this build
Microsoft Edge is removed
Microsoft account bypassed
Power Plan set to High Performance
Tweaks applied
Custom cursors, Themes and Wallpapers
Windows Updates are disabled
Windows defender is enabled
Inside Add-ons you will find a list of browsers to install the one you like
StartBack AiO 1.0.91
WinaeroTweaker v.1.62
Transparency is set by default
You can find it at folder Programs files(x86)
Nilesoft Shell
Wallpaper Engine (you can skip the installation)
💎💎💎After installation Restart you System 💎💎💎
Precious OS - Windows 10 LTSC build 19044.4046 by TeamOS
Precious OS - Windows 10 LTSC build 19044.4046 by TeamOS

Download Precious OS – Windows 10 LTSC build 19044.4046 by TeamOS

File size : 3.4GB



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Bài viết tương tự


Pia 22/02/2024 - 08:26

The pictures that you show here are not included in the iso. This really bummed me out. It is why I wanted it. Only one of the pictures that you show are in the wallpaper folder. Where can I get these pictures? Thanks. Pia

PhamCong 05/04/2024 - 22:19

I want to change back to default icons. How can I do?


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