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Windows X-Lite ‘Optimum 11 v23H2 Pro’ v3 build 22631.2506

by Hoài Minh

Windows X-Lite ‘Optimum 11 v23H2 Pro’ v3 build 22631.2506

Tải xuống Windows X-Lite ‘Optimum 11 v23H2 Pro’ v3 là bản dựng Windows 11 v23H2 build 22631.2506 bản chính thức cập nhật mới nhất tháng 11/2023. Đây là bản dựng Windows 11 v23H2 Lite đã được tùy biến và tối ưu hóa tốt nhất cho nhu cầu chơi game hoặc máy cấu hình thấp.

Windows 11 23H2 Pro (Build 22631.2506) AMD64

• This Build has been Designed to run as light as possible,

without sacrificing feature or function.

• Optimum 11 Pro gives you more freedom and control, by offering optional Defender, and Optional Edge and Widgets. It’s designed to respect your privacy, boost performance, and improve stability and control, no matter what you use your PC for.

• Changes in V3 (compared to V2) Based on a newer OS Build (22631.2506) which includes several improvements. Also includes improvements to memory management, cleanup, optimization, installation size, and minor UI improvements.


What’s Hot!?

• 5GB Installed Size!

• Optional Edge and Widgets!

• Optional Windows Defender!
• Full Featured, Updatable Build!
• Virtual Memory Enabled by Default!
• Improved Stability and Performance!
• Automatic Updates Paused Until 3000!
• Includes Optional System Transparency!

• Optional ‘Copilot’ and ‘Settings Home Page’!
• Extreme Performance for your Apps and Games!

• Integrates Intel RST Drivers into Windows Setup!

• Integrates Intel Serial IO Drivers into Windows Setup!

• Full Support for UWP Apps, Xbox, MS Store and much more!

• Full Support for Additional Language Packs, Speech, Voice, etc.!

• Full support for all optional features, including WSA and WSL2!

• Enabled Rounded Corners, Acrylic, and Mica by default! (Even installed in a VM!)

• Updates can now be paused again for up to 10 years through Windows Settings!
• Updated Framework, Runtime Libraries, and Desktop App Installer!

• Additional Improvements and Optimizations Included!
• No Pre-installed UWP Apps!
• MS Store Installer Included!

💥 Designed to work with all Apps and Games, on All PC’s. Old or new, weak or strong, Desktop or Laptop.

➡️ Bypasses TPM, Secure Boot, RAM, CPU, and Storage Checks!
➡️ Bypasses Microsoft’s Forced Account Creation during Setup / Installation!

– Multi Build ISO With Selective Windows Defender During Setup! –

  • Removed Features Include  – Smart Screen, UWP Apps, Edge, Webview & Widgets

  • Disabled Features Include  – Defender (Optional), Windows Ink Workspace, BitLocker,  Error Reporting, Indexing, UAC, Ads, Telemetry, Hibernation, Power Throttling.

  • Performance Prioritized!  – This build has been designed to Maximize Performance, Responsiveness, and Resource Savings.

BONUS! – New Home Page Enabler!

• If You’d like to enable or disable the new ‘Home Page‘ in the Windows Settings App (as shown below), download our ‘Home Page Enabler’ for everything you need to enable or disable the new Home Page in this release!

Home Page Enabler Download Link

BONUS! – Copilot Enabler!

• Windows Copilot is already enabled in this release!

All you need to do to start using it, is install the Microsoft Edge Browser, then right click the taskbar and click on ‘Copilot (preview)’

This will create a Copilot shortcut on your taskbar, which you can then click to launch Copilot in this release.

BONUS! – Gallery Enabler!

• If You’d like to enable or disable File Explorer’s new ‘Gallery‘, download our ‘Gallery Enabler’ for everything you need to enable or disable Galleryin this release!

Gallery Enabler Download Link


Download Windows X-Lite ‘Optimum 11 v23H2 Pro’ v3 build 22631.2506

File size : 3.18GB



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